Korean Boeing 747 Takes Eating Out to New Heights

 - Jan 13, 2010
References: darkroastedblend
As a kid you have likely been to at least one themed restaurant, whether it was an old train car converted into a diner or some other contraption not originally intended as an eatery, but few among us can say we have sat in a Boeing 747 wedged in between downtown apartment buildings while asking what the soup of the day is. That’s right I’m talking about airplane diners, a craze in Asia, specifically Korea, that is still yet to hit here.

It is all the rage over there to walk into an abandoned jumbo jet, sit down in the hull that’s been converted into the dining area and eat fine cuisine while commenting how passers by look as small as ants. For the VIP experience, they’ve even converted the cockpit into a private dining area. I just hope they still have those delicious peanuts on board airplane diners.