This Aircraft Wing Will Help Repel Bugs and Reduce Fuel Consumption

 - Jun 5, 2015
References: & gizmag
NASA is carrying out a series of tests on aircraft wings that will make them repel bugs whilst also reducing aircraft fuel consumption. These wings will be able to shrug off blasts of insect guts in order to reduce drag, which by extension helps ease fuel consumption .

The aircraft wing testing was carried out in Shreveport, Louisiana, a site notorious for a heavy bug population. The actual coating for the wings is inspired by a lotus leaf, which it turns out has some features that could be useful for aircraft wings.

Specifically, the leaf has rough, pointy features that prevent water from sticking to it. This basic principle, in addition to modern chemistry and technology, is being leveraged to create aircraft wings that won't have loads of bug guts stuck to them, which isn't just gross but causes drag.