The AirBn'P Micro Apartment Squeezes a Lot Into Very Little Space

AirBn'P is equally awesome in name and design -- this micro apartment, designed by Position Collective, brings together a multifunctional structure and a meticulously thoughtful design that allows it to somehow squeeze a whole lot of features and amenities into a very compact space.

The most crucial feature of this micro apartment is the inclusion of a bed and storage unit in the main room. This setup allows for the bed to be raised high up in order to be made level with the kitchen units, thereby creating a whole bunch of storage space just below. The drawers can also be used as stairs, with the top step doubling up as a bedside table.

The AirBn'P micro apartment proves that a little can be a lot when it comes to apartment design, something that's heartening to know in increasingly crowded urban environments.