The Potok 300 Ensures Air Purity by Deactivating Airborne Organisms

 - Nov 29, 2016
References: bluelarix & yankodesign
Being that we spend more time indoors than ever before, more people are looking to help increase the air purity in their homes, which the Potok 300 air purifier makes possible in a different way.

The Potok 300 works by targeting airborne living organisms; when they are captured by the unit, it quickly goes to work rendering them inactive. This type of air bio-inactivation purification helps to ensure that anything harmful that might be in the air is rendered harmless in a matter of seconds.

The Potok 300 is the design work of Bluelarix and is capable of ensuring air purity in public and private spaces. This would make it suitable for use in hospitals, schools or even in homes where consumers are looking to attain the optimal level of air quality.