YOUNGSENSE Designed Shoes That Allow Air to Circulate with Each Step

 - May 29, 2017
Consumers will never choose between looking their best and dressing for the weather ever again with YOUNGSENSE's new air-circulating shoes. The fashionable men's shoe brand created an innovative design to ensure that feet stay moisture-free by equipping the shoe with double sack air circulation devices that work as your walk -- filtering fresh air through the shoes with each step.

The shoes act as a solution to waterproof shoes, which keep moisture out, but remain unbreathable due to the thickness of rubber soles. With an intake and outtake hole, the shoes filter air in, and out, completing the circulation process with every step.

The fashionable men's shoes are made from fine Italian leather and are available in three styles: Oiled Nubuck Wingtip Brogues, Leather Wingtip Broguesand and Leather Chelsea Brogues Boots.

The shoes speak to fashion-forward men who need comfort-centric shoe innovations to remain both stylish and fashionable.