This AI Iris Scanner Differentiates Between the Living & Dead

 - Jul 26, 2018
References: technologyreview & engadget
It is possible to use a dead person's fingerprint to unlock devices, but a team of Polish researchers recently developed a new AI-powered iris scanner that can tell the difference between the living and the dead. This may sound like a macabre concept but as more devices employ biometric security features, this iris scanner could help keep secrets even in the event of death.

In order to create this specific AI-powered iris scanner, the researchers developed and trained the system on a database of iris scans from various times after death, as well as samples of hundreds of living irises. In its current state, the AI-powered iris scanner can only detect the irises of a person who has been deceased for 16 hours or more. The algorithm is still being improved though, so this time may be drastically cut as research continues.