AimFresh Offers Innovative Ideas for Packaging and Presenting Plants

 - Dec 15, 2017
AimFresh is a new company that offers up online and in-store innovations for plant and garden retailers. As the retail landscape continues to change in the garden industry, AimFresh gives businesses solutions that will help make their products more appealing and easy to use for consumers.

AimFresh offers several different retail innovations. WaterWick is a new plant-watering system that functions like a candle's wick, pulling water up from a reservoir through a specially designed rope. The system ensures that plants have access to the correct amount of water without the need for frequent monitoring, thus allowing online retailers more affordably to ship plants over longer distances.

Another product under AimFresh's umbrella is Plantbutler, which includes a suite of DIY plant kits that make it easier for beginners to take up gardening at home.