The Horror Movie 'Impossible Things' Is the First AI-Generated Film

 - Jul 27, 2016
References: kickstarter & io9.gizmodo
'Impossible Things' will be the first AI-generated film, which will make it one of the scariest and creepiest movies ever made.

Artificial intelligence was used to generate the overall premise of the horror movie, while the the key plot points and the rest was left to be filled in by the writers. The AI told the filmmakers that to match audience tastes for horror films, they would need to include both a ghost and family relationships in the film. The AI even told them which scenes to include in the trailer to best draw in the filmmakers' target audience.

The filmmakers wanted to take advantage of the vast amounts of information available regarding audience preferences when making the film. By using AI to help generate the film they're aiming not only to make a truly scary horror film but also one that is a success in the box office. The use of AI in feature films could increase the profitability of movies because it would generate plots that are sure to intrigue the audience based on data analytics.