Madhava's Organic AgaveFIVE Features Agave, Monk Fruit and Stevia

 - Aug 7, 2017
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While there are plenty of agave syrups, stevia products and monk fruit sweeteners that are sold as standalone substitutes for refined sugar, AgaveFIVE from Madhava takes the form of a blend made of organic stevia, monk fruit and organic agave.

Madhava Organic AgaveFIVE is a five-calorie sweetener that is 100% natural, low-glycemic, as well as free from chemicals, additives and preservatives. To help consumers better understand the effort required to burn just five calories, the brand notes that it is about equivalent to "one minute in your favorite yoga pose, or a one minute power walk."

On its website, Madhava also suggests a number of recipes that its low-calorie agave syrup sweetener may be used in, including everything from alcoholic cocktails and blueberry snack bars to smoothies and refreshing fruit popsicles.