The AGA iTotal Control Stove Runs Off a SIM Card

 - Jun 14, 2012
References: & agaliving
This remarkably futuristic oven, called the AGA iTotal Control, works from the convenience of a smartphone, tablet or any cell phone via text message. There is also a dedicated website that you can access, should you not have your cell handy.

The oven is actually equipped with a SIM card, and this allows you to control the heat settings from anywhere. So for example, right before work in the morning, you can throw in a pan of chicken and vegetables that you plan on eating for dinner. While you are sitting in rush hour traffic, you can load the AGA smartphone app and start the cooking process, so by the time you get home, your meal is ready.

As if this oven wasn't cool enough, its modernly sleek design is an added bonus.