Aerotel GeoSkeeper

 - Feb 14, 2008   Updated: Aug 17 2011
References: aerotel & newlaunches
The Israeli made Aerotel GeoSkeeper is a GPS enabled device that can be strapped to the wrist of an senior citizen or child and programmed to set off an alarm and send their location if they leave a defined area, neighborhood for example. The GeoSkeeper has an embedded quad-band GSM/GPRS module and built-in cellular speakerphone for communication as well. Clearly this device would be excellent for hikers and back country skiers as well other followers of extreme of lone sports.

Implications - The GeoSkeeper is the newest high-tech GPS personal safety device from Aerotel Medical Systems, the leading manufacturer of mobile and home-based telemedicine solutions. The GeoSkeeper is catered towards seniors, children and even workers in unsafe environments requiring protection. The system features communication technology like voice calls and texting, as well as an alerting system.