These Coasters Provide That Extra Kick in the Rear

Sometimes it takes a few F-bombs to get yourself motivated, which is why this Advice Coaster Set by The Cranky Pressman is both funny and helpful. The set offers blunt, unapologetic advice, such as "work f**king harder," "seek f**king criticism" and "fail, fail, and f**king fail again." If you feel like you're in a mid-work week slump, keeping this coasters around the office is a good way to snap out of it. On the other hand, they're also a great way to drop a hint if your co-workers are slacking off.

The set is comprised of 12 letter pressed coasters (4 red, 4 silver and 4 black,) each with a friendly piece of f**king advice. So the next time you're doubting yourself, remember to "trust your f**king process" and carry on.