Lucidity's Advertising Blockchain Offers Transparency and Trust

 - Apr 11, 2018
References: techcrunch & martechadvisor
In an attempt to solve the broken systems of online advertising, Lucidity has launched a digital advertising blockchain protocol designed to deliver transparency and trust. At a time when digital advertising is marred by data discrepancies, billing inefficiencies and countless instances of fraud, Lucidity is implementing its new protocol as a means to verify marketers to ensure accuracy and safety.

Lucidity's current digital advertising blockchain protocol runs on the Ethereum blockchain and leverages smart contracts to track ad data across a vast ecosystem. Lucidity has utilized this system to create specified products for certain issues, but the focus on transparency is universal throughout Lucidity's products. The use of the blockchain for honesty in marketing allows Lucidity to track and offer up marketing data in a secure and efficient way. The implementation of Lucidity's digital advertising blockchain protocol has already noted some impressive upgrades to marketers as it provides a unified set of data, free of discrepancies and can accurately gauge the effectiveness of ads, all without any major technical overhauls or destructive integrations.

Image Credit: Lucidity