The Adapta Mouse Offers a More Natural Way of Pointing and Clicking

 - Oct 20, 2011
References: yoshimiryo.jimdo & yankodesign
RSIs (repetitive stress injuries) may become a thing of the past if the Adapta Mouse ever goes from concept to reality. This oddly shaped moused was designed by Ryo Yoshimi to mimic the way a human hand naturally grips an object.

The idea behind the Adapta Mouse is to ease the strain put on the forearm during prolonged computing. The Adapta Mouse is the product of three years of research gathered to find what position the hand and its muscles would be most comfortable in. The result is a joystick-type mouse that looks surprisingly comfortable. The mouse is still operated via the fingers with the left and right click mapped to the Adapta's front side.

Yoshimi's mouse is an entry into the 2011 James Dyson Award. Fingers crossed it's a winner!