Adam Shomsky Records Skateboard Footage at 1,000 Frames Per Second

 - Aug 9, 2011
References: ohhaveyouseenthis & gizmodo
Capitalizing on the falling price of high frame-rate technology, Adam Shomsky spent an afternoon with friends, exploring the subtle moments, strange expressions and split-second decisions of skateboarding. The results are breath-taking.

An electrical engineer at the Nissan Motor Company, Adam Shomsky put his training to use by recording blood-curdling footage of his friends crashing, falling and slipping from their boards. Blurring the line between mundane footage and interpretive dance, these skaters show an impressive disposition toward falling with grace as they flail their arms and swing their legs in search of the safe, stable ground.

As a devoted follower of skateboard footage, I can say with confidence that higher frame-rate footage is likely the most interesting introduction to an otherwise uncomplicated field. See for yourself -- you won't want to watch things at a regular pace ever again!