The Ada Zanditon 2012 ASOS Collection is Green and Gorgeous

 - May 3, 2012
References: us.asos
British designer Ada Zanditon has recently teamed up exclusively with ASOS and released the Ada Zanditon 2012 ASOS Eco-Jewelry Collection. This eco-savvy collection juxtaposes inorganic metals and industrious materials with organic wooden wedges and blocks. This combination achieves a pleasing balance of materials as well as a sharp contrast.

In collaboration with Ada Zanditon and ASOS, Luca Romanyi -- Zanditon’s accessories collaborate -- was also involved in the crafting of these pieces. In comparison to Ada Zanditon’s solo line, these statement pieces are in a more reasonable budget bracket (rings are the least expensive at $54) for consumers. The four-piece collection includes rings, bracelets, necklaces and bangles. Each of the four pieces of the ASOS collection are handcrafted in London, England and guarantee a piece of jewelry you’ll love.