The Acuwake Sock Gently Rouses You From Sleep with Gentle Reflexology

 - Oct 12, 2013
Here's a new idea: the Acuwake Sock has been dreamed up as a new and different way to bring you out of your nightly slumber. There's no sound and no light used to trigger consciousness; this invention focuses on the sense of touch and promises to be gentle.

Anurag Sarda's design wears like a brace, wrapping around your ankle and the bottom of your foot, leaving your heel and your toes exposed. Once you have the hi-tech garment bound around the base of your leg, the eight micro vibrators are in the perfect positions to hit all of your acupressure points. When it's time to wake up, the Acuwake Sock begins to massage the areas associated with your heart, your spinal cord and your intestine, softly stimulating your body to regain awareness.