Video Game Controllers Have Inspired This Accessible Door Knob

 - Mar 19, 2015
References: sparkawards & yankodesign
Conventional rounded door handles are not remotely accessible door knobs. The often-smooth surfaces can be difficult to grasp and turn for people with physical disabilities of all sorts, ranging from weak grips and injuries being born without fingers or hands. At some point, everybody has a hard time opening doors––if for no other reason than you're carrying something with both arms.

A very clever solution by Hye-Ji Yoo looked to the operating equipment in tractors, vehicles and video game controllers to create the Joystick Door Handle. All you have to do to open it is nudge the knob in any direction, causing the latch to draw inwards and freeing the panel to swing. As soon as you push or pull the door into its shut position, the accessible door handle will automatically reset.