Absolut Choir

 - Mar 6, 2008
References: absolut & lifeinthefastlane
Absolut has released another fun ad campaign to promote their world famous vodka, this time called Absolut Machines. We've featured one machine already, the Absolut Quartet already, but now we're showing you the Absolut Orchestra.

The project is an amalgamation of cutting edge technology and the fantastic creativity of art, music and design. The pioneering technology project lets you create your own artistic project through an interactive website.

Absolut created these machines in real life, one which is in New York, and the other in Stockholm. Through the website, anyone can have a chance to interact with these devices.

The Absolut Choir is a machine containing 10 male and female wooden characters, all in different sizes, shapes and colours. They range from 4 inches to 8 feet and produce different sounds from tenor to soprano tones.

"The mother character holds a master clock, and each character contains a small, embedded Linux device â€" a DA converter and a speaker â€" making it possible to distribute sounds and to virtually conduct the members of the choir," Life in the Fast Lane explains.

"As the Choir begins singing, you can input words to the machine. As the machine receives the words, it immediately uses them to generate a musical composition and lyrics. The robotic choir follows your lead, and with the aid of generative algorithms, the machine creates a melody, tempo, dynamics, timbre and lyrics inspired by your input."

Take a look at the site and have a play; it's very entertaining!