The Cut and Creased Creations of Abigail Reynolds

 - Oct 8, 2010   Updated: Jun 20 2011
References: abigailreynolds & booooooom
The work of Abigail Reynolds incorporates numerous kinds of modern visual art. Not quite papercraft, not entirely photography, and somewhat origami, the cut-and-fold style of Abigail Reynolds is all her own.

For her series of cut and creased photography, Abigail Reynolds used layering methods and began cutting, folding and pasting her way to these masterful marvels of art. Check out these gorgeous pieces in the featured gallery.

Implications - In a world where almost everyone with a computer and photoshop can be an artist, work that is complex, intricate and handmade are rare and popular choices for art appreciators. Artwork where the long hours and heart put in is plainly visible in the end result is heavily admired by the general population who appreciate the rarity of this kind of work.