The 'a pair and a spare' DIY Jewelry Tree Will Keep Chains Tangle-Free

The 'a pair and a spare' DIY Jewelry Tree is a super easy and aesthetically pleasing way to store jewelry. It is quite common for necklaces and bracelets to become intertwined and tangled while in storage -- a situation that should be avoided. With this crafty DIY trick, the troubles caused by tangles will become a thing of the past.

Simply gather up some branches, place them in a clear glass vase filled with sand or decorative pebbles and hang your jewelry pieces on the branches. With all the ingredients for the DIY probably in your house at this moment, this jewelry tree is a cost-free endeavor.

Keep your dainty and delicate chains intact and easy-to-access with a simple storage system like the a pair and a spare DIY Jewelry Tree.