Bad Celeb Hairdays

 - Oct 13, 2007   Updated: May 10 2011
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Celebrities have bad hair does, just like the rest of us. Just because they can afford the best stylists in the world, doesn't mean they're always going to use them. From tangled manes to bad weaves or just downright greasy scalps, here's are a few celebrity snap shots that prove that stars don't always shine.

Implications - Celebrity imperfections are fascinating to those who often wonder what stars are really like. Bad publicity elevates status despite its negativity, but surprisingly businesses do actually profit from famous people's misfortunes. For example, Charlie Sheen's meltdown has spawned a series of shirts featuring the actor's face and his eccentric catch-phrases that's become surprisingly profitable. Whether it's viral videos or customized apparel, celebrity flaws have become beneficial to small-time entrepreneurs looking to make money by imprinting quotes or their faces onto shirts and other products.