Christoph Niemann Illustrates His 72 Hours in Venice for the Biennale

In his June 2 column for The New York Times Magazine, artist Christoph Niemann chose to illustrate his 72 hours in Venice for the Biennale. In place of photos, lengthy descriptions or video, Niemann illustrated scenes from his trip and added a time stamp, location and a brief description of what went on.

This quick snapshot gives viewers an intimate glimpse into Christoph Niemann's three-day trip to Venice in an easy-to-digest, highly visual manner. The illustrations take readers to spots like Piazza San Marco, a Starbucks near Niemann's hotel, the Peggy Guggenheim Collection, the Sculpture Garden, the Instituto Veneto di Scienze and the Ponte del Sepolcro.

Christoph Niemann's illustrated 72 hours in Venice is a minimalist yet exceptionally expressive way to experience the beauty of Italy and the Biennale.