The 5 Day Workshirt Can Go Five Days Without Being Washed

 - Nov 21, 2016
References: kickstarter
The fashion designers at Loop Lab, Inc. are aiming to provide "Less Laundry. More Life" for employees who wear buttoned-down shirts by launching the 5 Day Workshirt on Kickstarter. The buttoned-down shirt can be worn for five days without washing it even once.

"Despite a growing trend to casually dress at work over the years, many employees are still required to look good and wear a collared shirt," says Loop Lab, Inc. Designer Steven Sal Debus. "But, that doesn’t come without a cost. Buttoned-down shirts are expensive to buy and clean. By wearing a 5 Day Workshirt, employees can dramatically cut down on how many workshirts they own and the amount of time they spend doing laundry. At USD $40.00 a shirt, the savings are a win-win for the employee and the environment. So grab a shirt and stop wasting your money and life doing laundry."

The 5 Day Workshirt is the perfect solution for any professional who needs to make a good first impression for consecutive days because the fabric has a special coating that repels sweat and stains. The fibers are coated with an eco- and skin-friendly stain-resistant treatment. It also has silver threads sewn in to make it odor-resistant. The silver threads release ions that kill bacteria before clothes start to smell bad.

Loop Lab, Inc. aims to raise USD $30,000. The funds Loop Lab, Inc., receives from any pledging on Kickstarter will be used to produce the first run of this specialized Japanese fabric for the shirts.