The 4P1B Mercurio Exposes an Exquisite Ornamental Secret

 - Dec 11, 2011
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To appreciate the 4P1B Mercurio coffee table is to recognize that true beauty lies beyond the surface of all things. This magnificent piece of furniture does not give itself away with an observer's first glance, instead it leaves its most splendid side for the curious personality to discover.

A perfectly smooth circular tabletop is painted in a bright white, epitomizing simplicity and minimalism. It is supported by a set of richly stained wooden legs and accented with a mirror as a hovering shelf.

It is through the reflector that the viewer can catch a glimpse of the furnishing's hidden glamor. When you are sufficiently close to the piece but able to perceive it from a slight angle, you will be shown the intricately patterned overlay installed underneath the 4P1B Mercurio coffee table.