3G iPhone in Japan

 - Aug 20, 2008
References: gizmodo & thebond
It's sad but true that there are men out there who use their cell phone cameras to take naughty photos of women, but Japan hopes to solve that with their version of the 3G iPhone. It will probably disappoint voyeurs because this version of the 3G iPhone makes a shutter snapping sound every time a picture is taken with it, even in silent mode.

The new version is supposed to deter perverts from taking snap shots of inappropriate, unfair pictures up women’s’' skirts —or down their tops in a public places.

"In Japan, hidden-camera photography itself is not against the law as of 2002; however, distributing such photos publicly may break the law," Wikipedia says. "Camera phones sold in Japan make an audible noise when taking a picture. This feature makes the subject more likely to notice if clandestine upskirt photos are being taken without consent."

This technology is nothing new to Japan, as noted by Wikipedia. Many newer cell phones enable such features, so it was important for Apple to follow suit.