These 3D Tiles are Designed to Resemble Historic Subway Motifs

 - Dec 21, 2015
References: lindseylang & dezeen
Lindsey Lang recently created a series of 3D tiles that are based on historic designs used in the London Underground. Over the years, the London Underground rail system has undergone many changes. Some of the most visible changes are the tiles used to decorate the various tube stations throughout the city.

Lang decided to pay homage to the historic subway motifs by using them as inspiration for new wall tiles. Lang's design is specifically inspired by a pattern created by the British painter Enid Marx in the 1930s. The original design featured red and green squares arranged in an intricate zig-zag shape. Lang's own 'Chevron' tiles feature similar square shapes that combine to create diamond shaped outlines. However, Lang's titles also feature a multidimensional design that makes them appear sleek and contemporary.

Lang's 3D titles demonstrate how historic patterns can be updated to complement contemporary decor.