The Photon is the First 3D Scanner that is Truly Accessible

 - Apr 3, 2013
References: indiegogo & technologytell
Small, lightweight and portable, the Photon 3D Scanner is as convenient as it gets when it comes to converting 3D objects to be formatted for 3D printing programs.

Product designers and hobbyists can create anything they want using this scanner in conjunction with a 3D printer. First take a model of an object, it can even be something molded out of clay, then place it on the scanner and push start. It will transform the object into a software-ready mesh design that can be printed out into a useful product. Created by Matterform, the design is sleek and stylish, something that can be displayed proudly in the office and on one's desk.

Manufacturers and creators can make any concept that they can imagine into a reality with the Photon 3D Scanner