The University of Washington Created Devices That Harness Free Energy

 - Dec 11, 2017
References: extremetech & twitter
Engineers at the University of Washington have invented some Wi-Fi sensors that are stunning in their simplicity yet potentially life-changing in their applications. By combining 3D-printed gears, springs and clever sensors that require no batteries or electronics, they have made devices that work on the free energy around them. This includes a flowmeter that keeps track of how much laundry detergent one has used or a wind speed meter that never needs batteries and helps to keep track of the weather.

The applications for these free energy devices are endless and could be a game changer in putting powerful technology in the hands of every person. From flowmeters for farmers who are trying to irrigate their crops to simple remote controls for machinery and sensors for artificial limbs, any application that requires the knowledge of electronics has been taken out of the equation.