The New 'VRZ 2 BELT' Titanium Bicycle Can Be Printed at Home

 - May 15, 2013
References: ralfholleis & thecoolist
Ralf Holleis's new creation, the 'VRZ 2 Belt' 3D bike, is no ordinary means of transportation. In fact, it was created entirely by a 3D printer.

Most of the bike frame was formed of flexible titanium, which was then shaped by the 3D printer into a functional bike frame. Holleis intended for the bike to be lightweight but heavy-duty, and that's exactly what he got. Weighing in at 11 pounds, this bike is only as heavy as an overweight newborn, but is very shock-absorbent and capable of some hardcore trail rides.

In addition to titanium, the 'VRZ 2 Belt' 3D bike is also made up of carbon-fiber wheels and a belt-drive crank system, all created using a 3D printer.

With all the new 3D printer-created objects gaining fame recently, it's clear that the 3D printer is something that could revolutionize production strategies -- perhaps consumers might eventually be able to create products for themselves in their own homes.