The '365 Things for 365 Days' Blog is an Illustration of Life

Similar to the idea of taking a picture of yourself every day for a full year, the 365 things for 365 days blog illustrate the artistic creations of Marta Sobon for a year.

The illustrations are simple and tell us what Sobon is either thinking or feeling on that particular day. Featuring everyday things like lemons and cotton swabs, the blog is as poignant as it is classic. Made in a sketch style without the use of color also adds to the overall simplicity of the blog.

Sometimes a day can be captured by one thing, and the 365 things for 365 days blog understands that perfectly.

Implications - No longer just looking for attractive images, consumers are are seeking out artwork they can relate to. Designs that feature an element of familiarity are appealing to those who desire a closer connection to their purchases. Companies trying to increase their appeal on the market could develop more of their items with the intention to relate in mind.