The 360Vision Camera Unhinges to Capture a Wide Variety of Angles

 - Dec 14, 2012
References: & yankodesign
The versatility of the 360Vision Camera solves two major problems with modern point-and-shoots as well as a slew of other smaller ones. The desire for a rear-facing lens is eliminated and so is the need for a tripod.

Entered into the 2012 iF Design Talents, Wang Tong's digital camera concept is quite the dextrous device. It's remarkably thin and comprises two sandwiched parts that can be opened up from a single flexible hinge in one corner.

While the lens and shutter, the zoom feature, the flash and the storage are all contained within the front portion, the rear serves as a broad display screen. The innovative 360Vision Camera can be flipped around to pitched position and placed for stability. A different configurations provides a backwards-facing preview of self-snapping subjects.