Natura Chronos' #2old4this Campaign Questions Standards Imposed on Women

 - Oct 25, 2016
As a pioneer in questioning beauty standards and behavior, Chronos, the skincare line of Brazilian cosmetics company Natura, deconstructs prejudice in its new digital campaign #velhapraisso (#2old4this). The campaign was created by Salve, the digital marketing agency of ABC, part of Omnicom Group. 

Starring Vania (73 years old), Edineide (53), Claudia (40), Priscilla (37), Mariana (27) and Julia (11), these women have all faced prejudice for "being too old" according to their choices. One has her body tattooed and is a heavy metal fan, another was married to a man for 31 years when she fell in love with a woman, another one decided to become a mother without a partner and yet another is proud of her virginity. Even the eleven-year-old Julia is picked on for still playing with her dolls. It happens to everyone, regardless of your age. All of them provide moving, provocative and heartening statements.

At 37, Priscilla decided to quit her career upon discovering that dancing was what made her truly happy. "There are many things I won't be able to do, like stretch my leg up to my head; but what about everything I am able to do?" she questions.

Based on these inspiring real stories, Chronos invites all women to share their experiences and to participate in a movement that values identity and freedom of choice, regardless of age.

"Us women spend our lives being judged according to our ages, the way we dress, our attitudes. Natura Chronos suggests an open conversation about judgments and standards to which we are submitted and shows that it is never too late to be yourself," says Andrea Alvares, Natura’s VP of Marketing.