The 2line Chair is For the Daring Sitter

 - Apr 8, 2010
References: & industrialdesignserved
A riddle for you: what do you call a seat with no back legs? OK, fine, I'll tell you: the 2line Chair. A simple, yet very clever design, the chair is made from just two pieces of molded aluminum held together by metal screws. Now you're probably thinking as I am, that this thing looks like it could barely support a three year old. Well, according to the designer Maximilian Fischhaber, it is one of the strongest seats out there.

Now I am as adventurous as the next person, but a chair with no back support at all? That's suicide! I actually would like to take the 2line Chair for a whirl and see how long I can go before taking a major spill off of it. I give myself an hour.