The 2,216 VHS Tapes by Lorenzo Durantini Reimagines Archaic Tech

Making a statement on the fast pace of developing technology, 2,216 VHS Tapes by Lorenzo Durantini is an ocular spectacle of upcycling.

These fantastic sculptures are marvels in their own right as the inventive Durantini has made something though-provoking from archaic hardware. Using 2,216 VHS Tapes and 445,368 meter of old VHS tape materials, he has created larger than life installations that are stunning in their use of the vastly produced video tapes.

These installations are larger-than-life, symmetrical and mononochromatic. The modern aesthetic of each sculpture is a contrast to its outdated technology composition. Juxtaposing forward-thinking design with hardware of the past makes for a breathtakingly nostalgic sentiment. 2,216 VHS Tapes by Lorenzo Durantini makes a bold statement on the current state of technological design and its lightning fast nature.