This Mashable Graphic Recounts the Top 10 2013 Memes

 - Jan 6, 2014
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This infographic by Mashable takes a look back at the most searched for 2013 memes and viral content. The data collected from Bing Trends reveals that even though that this infographic is based on 2013 searches, some of the memes originated from 2012 or earlier, which just means that their popularity has not dwindled over time.

Mashble's top 10 list includes widely-spread videos and photos that range from the catchy Harlem Shake, to sloths, Surprised Patrick, Bad Luck Brian and "Ermahgerd."

Some well-known Internet figures received a boost in searches this year due news of things like the announcement that Grumpy Cat will be getting her own movie deal and the hilarious Chuck Norris parody of the Epic Split performed by Jean-Claude Van Damme for Volvo.