The 2 Storage Memory Stick Lets You Change Up Your Memory On-the-Fly

 - May 5, 2011
References: yankodesign
Grabbing the wrong memory stick could become a thing of the past if the 2 Storage Memory Stick ever goes from concept to reality. The 2 Storage Memory Stick is a dual-sided memory stick that packs an impressive 32GB of memory into each side.

The 2 Storage Memory Stick was designed by Chung-Ping Lai, Ming-Hong Yeh and Po-Ho Chen for the 2011 iF Concept Design Competition. The memory stick has color-coded sides to help you remember which side keeps the SFW files and which side keeps the NSFW videos and jpegs. Normally, great tech designs -- at least the ones I come across -- are cool to look at but nearly impossible to make right away. This memory stick breaks that mold thankfully, and I could see it being a hit in the market even if a mid-sized tech company was behind it. Mid-size tech companies, make it happen!