The 1Z from Continuum is Designed to Help Smokers Quit

 - Mar 9, 2011
References: continuuminnovation & dezeen
The 1Z from Continuum is a conceptual cigarette package designed to help smokers quit. The 1Z is designed to carry only one cigarette, two matches, and a stick of gum.

The idea behind the 1Z from Continuum is that smokers are bound to relapse, but if you give them only one cigarette to smoke per pack, it will increase their chances of quitting.

I have never been a smoker so it is really hard for me to say whether it is easy or not to quit. Logically, the 1Z from Continuum makes sense. Cutting down on the smokes rather than quitting cold turkey seems like the best way to help smokers kick the habit. The 1Z from Continuum has an estimated selling point of between one to two dollars. No word yet on whether Toblerone plans to seek legal action for the suspiciously-shaped packaging.