The 1-Inch Armor Plating Case is the Heaviest and Safest Ever

 - Aug 21, 2012
References: japantrendshop
Many iPhone devices have been dropped and smashed, but that is literally impossible with the 1-Inch Armor Plating Case. Built by the Marudai Corporation, this brick of a phone case holds the record for the safest, heaviest phone case ever made.

The extra weight of the 1-Inch Armor Plating Case means that you will likely have to use two hands to have a conversation on your phone. Don't worry though, if someone happens to try to shoot you while you are holding this to your ear, you will survive. The creators claim that the case can withstand a 50-caliber slug, thanks to its steel components.

Your phone may not be in danger any longer with this protecting it, but using the 1-Inch Armor Plating Case makes your phone dangerous. Use it as a projectile to seriously damage others, but be careful not to drop it on your foot -- the phone case will win.