'12min Reading' Builds Reading Habits by Providing Condensed Summaries

 - May 22, 2018
References: 12min.br & producthunt
Some people prefer the enlightenment of a novel while others opt for the education of nonfiction, and for those who fall into the latter category, the increased efficiency of an app like '12min Reading' might be appealing. The app takes nonfiction works and condenses them into easily digestible 12-minute segments, as its name suggests, allowing users to effectively "read" an entire nonfiction book every single day.

12min Reading works with the help of real readers. The app's team reads nonfiction titles several times, hunting down the key passages and concepts within them. Once they've found the most salient points, they turn those into a micro book that should take approximately 12 minutes to read during one's commute or on a coffee break.