A 12-Course Meal in a Can Was Recently Designed by Chris Godfrey

 - Sep 18, 2013
References: chrisgodfrey.me & uproxx
'Robopanda' has come across something quite delicious -- a 12-course meal in a can called the 'All in One' designed by Chris Godfrey. The can has multiple meals compressed into a small space in order to create a very filling, very small and very curious meal.

The satirical art project looks at the foods that are packaged today, where a lot of the foods are meant to be easy to serve and easy to make, though they are extremely unhealthy. Godfrey creates the easiest '12 Course Meal' you will ever prepare as it comes prepared for you right in a tin can.

Some of the foods that rest inside the 12-course meal in a can are French onion soup, pork belly, rib eye steak, ravioli and ice cream. These are just a few of the treats that lie at the depths of this little can. Love it or hate it, Chris Godfrey is a true artist when it comes to fast food.