Available at Hammacher Schlemmer?

 - Sep 14, 2006
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We all know that Electic Cars will become the next big thing. What fascinates me is that they mgiht not be sold through traditional channels. For example, there's a new 120 mph electric car for sale at Hammacher Schlemmer. It runs for steep price of $108,000, but it does excite me for things to come.

The 120-M.P.H. Electric Car
This is the electric car that can accelerate from zero to 60 mph in 4.0 seconds to a top speed of 120 mph in one gear with no shifting thanks to its two electric motors -- smaller versions of the same kind found in diesel-electric locomotives -- that combine to produce over 1,000 lbf ft. of torque. No wider than most motorcycles at 39", it can fit in a 6' half-lane with more clearance than a semi-truck in a full 12' freeway lane, enabling you to negotiate traffic congestion where lane splitting is permitted. Its small size eliminates the need for parallel parking as it can park perpendicular to a curb without the need for a full space. The driver and passenger sit in tandem front and back seats that use four-point pilot seat belts with iner tia reels, similar to harnesses found in race cars, yet are easy to use. The cars chassis is made of stainless steel, and the chrome moly roll cage meets Sports Car Club of America racing standards for safety. The body panels are made of carbon fiber, Kevlar, and fiberglass, and its side impact bars offer four times the protection found in typical SUVs. The cars unique stability is derived from its low center of gravity, created by 1,100 lbs. of batteries under the floor, giving it a rollover threshold equivalent to a 5-star National Highway Traffic Safety Administration rating found in the lowest-slung sports cars. It has front and rear disc brakes and coil-over shock absorbers. The car generates no emissions and operates from a set of lead-acid batteries that can recharge using any service up to 50 amps, providing enough power for a range of 40-80 miles, up to four times the average commute in the U.S. *For Personalized Service on this item call 1-800-227-3528 between 8 a.m. and 12 midnight Eastern time and our Product Specialists will gladly answer all questions and provide additional service information about the 120-M.P.H. Car. Please note that special conditions and guarantee limitations apply to this product. 8 1/2 L x 39 W x 60 H. (3,000 lbs.)