Coins Give Design New Weight

 - Nov 2, 2007   Updated: May 16 2011
Not to be outdone with mere diamonds and emeralds on a dress, Bunka Fashion College in Tokyo shows models wearing outfits bedecked with gold coins. 1,500 Austrian gold coins valued at $1.2 million were on three outfits, including a dress weighing 22 pounds, and jackets weighing up to 46 pounds. One of the models was incapable of carrying the additional weight.

Implications - Flashy fashion designs appeal to the fashion show-goer who is looking for opulence in a design environment that has, for the most part, emphasized an androgynous and basic look. Gold is a metallic color that can be replicated in a variety of industries, especially technology, and will be attractive to consumers who are looking to show off -- without having to spend the money.