A YouTube Channel Creates '101 Fictional Characters as Sloths'

 - Sep 18, 2013
References: youtube & uproxx
Brought to you by the YouTube channel 'Sh*tty Watercolour,' this genius sloth video was created by taking pop culture celebrities and characters and transforming them all into miniature sloths. The video is called '101 Fictional Characters as Sloths' where literary characters or characters that exist in popular television series are drawn up as sloths.

The video plays up-beat video game music as there are slides of sloths that scroll by the screen where the character names and names of the television show or movies are displayed. Some of the popular transformations include the cast of 'Harry Potter,' 'Star Wars,' 'The Office' and 'Game of Thrones.' Each and every character is distinguishable by what they are wearing but their faces have become that of a sloth.

The YouTube channel 'Shitty Watercolour' adds some humor to our favorite characters and makes them a little more cute and cuddly than ever before.