Magnetic Dumbbells Can Shed Their Mass So They're Optimized for Portability

 - Apr 19, 2013
The inconvenient thing about free weights is that, when you aren't intending to work out, it can take a frustrating amount of effort to move them. These Magnetic Dumbbells would solve this problem in a very innovative way.

Together with Juhyeon Lee and Hongseok Kim, Suhyun Yoo developed these compact rings that can be gripped in the hand or worn around your forearm or your bicep so that they're nice and easy to use. You'll notice an ON button on one side of the heavy hoop, and this activates the electromagnets inside of it. An integrated dial and a switch enable you to adjust the settings of the Magnetic Dumbbell by altering the polarity within it. This is what gives you a full range of 3 to 24kg.