From Cookie Computers to Virtual Baking

 - Jul 22, 2009   Updated: Apr 3 2011
Gingerbread is delicious and it doesn’t have to be Christmas before you enjoy this delicious treat again. Spice up your plain old gingersnap cookies by using gingerbread as a means to create some really great edible art.

Take a look through this cluster to see baked famous people, intricate gingerbread architecture and even laptops rocking icing. Is your mouth watering yet?

Implications - Baked gingerbread creations are a wintertime staple in many homes; as families opted to cook more meals at home to save money during the recession, baking made a major comeback. Modern gingerbread goods aren't mere cookie-cutter men and simple square houses; they're personalized edible masterpieces tailored to the interests of their creator.