Proving the Wrist is for More Than Just Jewelry

 - Jul 26, 2009   Updated: Apr 14 2011
You might think that the only objects worth putting on your wrist are things like watches and bangles. These wacky wrist-worn innovations would prove you dead wrong.

From wrist-worn computers to wallets and even anti-snoring devices, it's clear that the wrist is the best place to keep gadgets and necessities handy.

Implications - Convenience is king these days. Consumers want, in addition to functional goods, products they can use immediately. Catering to this desire are products that can be worn -- regardless of the product category under which they fall. From pen bracelets to wrist-worn wallets, products that offer a service at the snap of a finger -- er, the flick of a wrist -- will be the items that capture demand.