The SnorePro Silences Your Wood-Sawing Slumber

 - Feb 8, 2009
References: hbiusa & news.cnet
Statistics have shown that those who share a bed with someone who snores lose an average of an hour’s sleep a night. If you’re one of those people, HBI, a leading producer of biomedical devices, may have a solution for you.

The SnorePro, just released this week, is a wristband the snorer wears to bed. Its Dynamic Snore Detection technology detects snores and delivers a pulse to the offender. The pulse resembles the nudge a snorer may get from a spouse. Not only does this pulse alleviate the immediate problem, disturbing the snorer in such a way that the snoring stops, but over time it can train the snorer to change sleeping positions when the snoring begins.

This device can also track outside factors that may contribute to snoring.

If the rumble of your mate is keeping you up all night, the SnorePro is worth taking a look at.