From Google Games to Red and White Zombies

These Where's Waldo Innovations all incorporate the slender-striped traveler who journeys though the most bizarre places. The childrens' series Where's Waldo became extremely popular in the late 80s and has been a staple of pop culture ever since.

A number of these Waldo creations turn him into something much darker and scarier than his original self. For example, artist Andre De Freitas turned Waldo into a white-eyed zombie with blood dripping from his mouth. In another Waldo knock-off, the striped crusader has been sampled to create a 1984-inspired propaganda poster that reads, "Waldo's Watching You." One student from Vancouver even painted a massive Waldo so that it could be captured on Google Earth.

Whether it's world-records or world-captured shots, these Where's Waldo innovaions are all quite whimsical.