The IC4Design 'Ducati for ANCMA' ad is Stunning and Hyperdetailed

 - Aug 31, 2011
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The IC4Design developed 'Ducati for ANCMA' is an impressively detailed metropolis that asks the viewer to quickly point out "Where the motorcycle driver is on these roads."

The 'Ducati for ANCMA' ad campaign was designed with the hopes of raising awareness and safety standards regarding motorcycle riders on city streets. ANCMA is the acronym for a local Italian organization called the National Association of Cycle and Motorcycle Accessories, and in the 'Ducati for ANCMA' ad, they sought to show the difficulties faced by motorcycle riders in crowded cities.

The 'Ducati for ANCMA' ad features an entire movie's worth of ridiculous activities to distract viewers from the rider. There's a real 'Where's Waldo' like quality to it. Some distractions include a wanted thief in hiding, ninjas chasing a Samurai, and a couple on a rooftop interrupted from frisky activity.

Ducati gave IC4Design a lot of creative freedom to create this campaign, and it shows. This is certainly one of the cooler ways I've seen a PSA done. Click through the gallery to see how quickly you can spot the motorcycle rider, as well as the other, wacky activities in the illustration.